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Your cluttered email box isn’t just driving you crazy, it’s costing you a fortune…

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From The Desk Of: Kim Castleberry
Re: Your Email Box Is Costing You Money This Very Minute!



Dear Friend,

Kim Castleberry here… in case you don’t know me, I’m an internet marketer like yourself who enjoys spending a lot of time in the trenches digging up super tools that make your life EASY from among the millions of options out there. I live and breathe the social technology and love turning all that geeky stuff into simple, easy to implement, solutions you can use to make more money in your business.

I’m going to make this short and sweet, because what I am about to tell  you is how you are under-utilizing a very useful tool and, every minute you spend reading this letter is costing you money!

Email is one of THE most important pieces in your business.

Yet it’s often the leading cause of daily headaches, missed opportunities, and procrastination!

There was actually a time when the inbox was one of MY biggest sources of stress in my business! If I was willing to admit it 😉


Email Is The #1 Money Making Tool For Marketers

How many times have you heard the, ‘the money is in the list?’

Well, let’s put it this way, if you had a nickel for every time you heard ‘the money is in the list,’ well… you probably wouldn’t even need the list!

But what if I told you… that there’s even more money, inside the email service that you probably already use!

Gmail is a great solution for web based email that many marketers depend on daily to power their business.

(In fact, 41% of all free mail users on my email list use Gmail!)

Most people though – aren’t actually “in love” with Gmail even though they wouldn’t trade it for another solution.

Why is that? Because it’s “the best there is”… even if it’s not perfect on it’s own.

Like most Google’s products, it’s far ahead of it’s time.  So far ahead, like most of Google’s products, that it’s almost impossible for any one person to be aware of just how powerful it can be!

I spent more than five years wrestling with my Gmail email service.  It was disorganized, I missed important emails, and often it wound up so flooded, that I didn’t even want to open it!

And of course, I missed important emails and missing them, cost me money!

How it all began…

Why do you have email, anyway?

You have email because it’s the simplest, lowest-cost and most effective way to get business done. Since a lot of other business folks think so too, it’s how you get reminded to send or pay an invoice, get your oil changed, or pass along the latest changes to a client for their project.

It wasn’t to be informed about meetings, for companies you aren’t an employee of. It wasn’t to be deluged by game invites, special discount coupons for stores they don’t even have in your state, or extended warranty coverage for cars you don’t own any more.

The worst part? You know you’re losing paying clients in that inbox.

The idea of email is a thing of beauty –anyone with a computer, internet access, and an email address can communicate with anyone else in the world, for free.

The reality of email is less pretty – anyone with a computer, internet access, and an email address can communicate with anyone else in the world, for free. Whether you really want to hear from them or not.

I was determined to find a solution… a way to manage my email efficiently so that instead of being a drain, it was a tool that made my job easier, and made me more money!

But I solved that- and it’s easy if you know how!


Never Miss Another Email Money Making Opportunity Again

What I’m going to show you how to do is how to take Gmail and VASTLY improve its features so you can spend less time stressing over emails and more time connecting with the important contacts that are currently hidden in your inbox.

Don’t fear your Gmail inbox anymore!

“It’s amazing! I particularly like the screen shots (very helpful) & in-depth descriptions of each tool. The content is tight, to the point, and flows in a way that is logical and easy to follow. It was a simple, accessible read, while at the same time information-dense and packed with helpful definitions. I’m really amazed at what a powerful package Gmail has become; I had no idea before reading this. I can see how the social analytics and CRM offerings would be a must for online marketing. Great job, Kim!”

Gregory Striger

If there’s anything worst than knowing you SHOULD deal with the beast your Gmail has become… it’s knowing that you’re losing paying clients in that inbox.

Let me help you solve that!

I’ve put together a new report that shows you how to leverage additional tools that are mostly free to make this happen!

I just finished up writing it and wanted to get it in your hands as soon as possible.


Taming Gmail at last!

o    The Gmail team wants you to be happy with Gmail – and they have lots of hidden tools to help you do things. I show you where to find them, and explain why you should want them.

o    Got one of those emails you know you should recognize, and just can’t figure it out? There’s help for that – and I show it to you.

o    Not the greatest typist in the world, and could really use a little help before you share your misspellings with the world? Got you covered.

o    Just lost that five-page email you were typing? Bring it back from the dead!

o    No clue whether the client got – and opened – your email? There’s a way to know!

o    Just spent a half hour looking for that invoice you wanted to wait to pay – and now can’t remember? A simple add-on works like magic for next time!

o    Need to import your Facebook contacts to Gmail? A two-step process does the job!

This, and more, is waiting for you inside the report. Find out why the testimonials are all delight!


 Introducing Pump Up Gmail: 



Part 1: Gmail Labs  Part 9: Legal Spying
Part 2: Brand You!  Part 10: Getting Things Done
Part 3: Brand Them!  Part 11: CRM
Part 4:  Improve Your Writing  Part 12: Auto-Update Contact Details
Part 5: Recover Lost Text  Part 13: Get Facebook Contacts Into Gmail
Part 6: Stepping Stones  Part 14: Empty That Inbox
Part 7: Beef up Rapportive   Part 15: Reduce The Incoming Fire Hose
Part 8: Time Travel  


“Dammit, Kim, why didn’t you tell me earlier?! PUMP UP Gmail goes beyond what most of us think are the Gmail limits. I bet you had idea you could literally pull an email back after sending (oh yes!!) or that you could line up all those pesky bills and subscriptions so they would handily pop up just when you want to pay them. As for being able to see a whole host of information about a particular contact – that is a lifesaver.”

Amanda Craven from TrustyMarketer.com

Geek-Speak Free Results

Not a “tech-y” type?

Not to worry. I wrote this for normal folks to read, with step-by-step instructions – then put in screenshots.

Worried about doing it “all at once”? Every step, every improvement can be done one at a time, or en masse, without fear.

Want the “geek-speak” or just more details about something? I put extensive hyperlinks in there too – you choose your level.

Don’t like it? Change it back.

This is not about increasing your problems; this is stress relief, not adding stress.

So let’s wrap it up…

This is not an encyclopedia; it’s a PDF of about 35 pages. It’s easy to use, each part is a standalone.

It’s got screenshots, it doesn’t have any crazy sentences like “In order to understand the underlying morphology of your Gmail inbox rankings…”.

I can read and understand a sentence like that – but I don’t inflict them on my buyers.

No videos; none are required. This is a complete product. Buy it, use it, and enjoy a Gmail inbox that is a friend, rather than an enemy.

“I don’t say it often…but PUMP UP GMAIL is genius. Smart, easy to follow and yet clearly written by someone who knows the kind of techy stuff we all need inside and out. Save hours of time, angst and potential disasters and buy it. You’ll thank me. And Kim. From your new, pimped out and pumped up Gmail account.”

Amanda Craven from TrustyMarketer.com

Easy steps, big benefits, no stress to do, and no dread when you check your inbox.

So Kim, What’s All This Awesomeness Going To Cost?

How much is it worth to you to be able to breathe a sigh of relief when you look at your inbox in the morning?

How much is it worth to not miss that email from a potential $2,500 client?

Short version – you can reclaim your inbox, make it a business partner, and never again fear it!

Are you ready to learn new skills that will save you time and get rid of the daily headaches?

Are you ready to be able to keep up with clients and contacts so you improve follow up, close more sales, and get more return buyers?

If you answered YES, hit the PayPal button and get started for just $27!


The choice is  yours… keep your cluttered, overflowing disorganized mess of an inbox just like it is, and remember, “if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got…”


Get Gmail under control and turn Pump Up Gmail into your own money – making personal assistant right now!

Later, the same product will cost more- maybe with prettier formatting, but the same material. Since you’re here now, you can get it for less.

 To Your Success,
Kimberly Brink – Castleberry 


P.S. No fake scarcity. The price on this will go up. Soon.

P.P.S. Gmail enhanced, empowered, and more useful than ever – or order a pizza with the same money, and keep roaming your inbox looking for business-critical information.

P.P.P.S. Still reading? Click that buy button now; you need this!