Leadership – What Price Will You Pay?

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Leadership comes at a price! It’s true that Leadership does come at a price, but you have to decide what price you are willing to pay. Over the past few years, Dawn and I have stepped up and given in many ways. We have given to TSA, given to building our LegalShield team, given to building our franchise, given to the community and last, but not least, given to our family and friends to serve as role models. But has the price been worth it? Many people want to be leaders in their fields, but sometimes the price becomes overwhelming.

Over the last year, Dawn and I had to reevaluate our priorities because we were being spread way to thin. Everyday was a juggling act of keeping all the balls in the air at once. Something had to give and we looked at our priorities, goals and dreams and realized that the franchise had to go. That being the case, we put action plans together and I am happy to say that within the last month, we finally sold that business.

Through this process, we stepped up by taking on more responsibilities in certain areas in our lives and decreased our efforts in other areas. Growing up, I have always taken on leadership roles in life, whether it was in high school arranging the weekend activities to nowadays where we arrange the weekly meetings for our LegalShield business. But believe me, it always comes at a price and you have to decide what price you are willing to pay.

I’m writing this post today maybe to vent or maybe to get you to understand that not everything is a walk in the park. Being in a leadership role, everyone is fighting for your attention. Everyone wants you in their business. Everyone wants you to promote their products or services. Everyone complains and tells you what doesn’t work, but almost none of them offer well thought-out solutions to what will work.

That’s what a true leader does! They offer solutions!

I don’t know if you have noticed or not, but over the past several months, Dawn and I have stepped back from Social Media and TSA. We have been focusing on building our passion with our Legalshield business and things have been going extremely well for us in that endeavor. I told Dawn that after we hit a certain goal that we would buy her the dream car on her vision board. I can’t say that money can buy you happiness, but look at the smile on her face in this photo!

Dawn in her LegalShield Cadillac

Dawn in her New LegalShield Cadillac

Now let’s get back to leadership and how it impacts you. Everyone has the ability to become a leader, but you have to deterime the price that you are willing to pay. We have a leadership meeting tonight within our LS business, but I’m here to tell you, only 20% of the participants will act as leaders. Believe it or not, the 80/20 rule will apply to almost every aspect of your life when you really focus on the numbers.

Within TSA, I have been taking on a lesser role and seeing how it goes and seeing who would step up. We have had some people ask for more of a role and a few that have stepped up, but nothing like I thought we would have within such a great group. In addition, when it comes to updating your numbers in the 3 Step Syndication System (3S) and being a leader in the 3S, this should be done DAILY! This will encourage others to follow and do the same and then everyone benefits during the entire week. I’m also a little disappointed seeing more people leave the TSA system versus joining. Believe it or not, if you want more exposure to your blogs and etc…, this is your responsility as a leader to grow this community. If you want your blog and other social sites to go back to the ghost-town it once was, then by all means, do nothing more. Don’t believe me? Go visit some of the former members that decided to leave TSA.

I created the TSA system so that anyone and everyone can get results they desire. People follow leaders and mimick what leaders do PERIOD.

So my question to you is, What Price Are You Willing To Pay In Order To Become That LEADER?

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  1. Dave,

    I agree, Dawn looks extremely happy in that vehicle. You have definitely paid the price as a leader in your chosen company (Legal Shield) and are now reaping the rewards. Many years ago I used to help my upline run the meetings in Oakland, CA for a company I was involved with (the company no longer exists, but was a great concept). Running the weekly meetings is a HUGE responsibility and commitment. Week in and week out you are obligated to be there, pay the rent, greet the prospects, set up the overhead and the music and chairs, etc. No small commitment or accomplishment! It is so important that people put their time and energy into business building activities and, obviously, You and Dawn have done that and it’s paying off. I am also greatly appreciative of all the time and effort you and Dawn, Kimberly, and Gavin have put into the TSA tribe. So many people have benefited from it, even the ones who are no longer with us. I barely have time to create one blog post per week and comment on 7 other blogs per week in addition to my full-time business of building blogs for people and all the other personal and family commitments I have going at this time. I am just proud of myself that I have never skipped a week and I have never once done less than the required amount of blog comments and syndications per week. An army is made up, not only of great leaders, but of great soldiers.

    In closing, thank You, Dawn, Kimberly and Gavin, once again, for all you do and all you have done. Being a member of TSA has been a totally positive experience for me and my blog.


    Jupiter Jim
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  2. Nice wheels! Not sure if that Cadillac would be easy to park in the narrow streets of England.

    What you guys have done with the TSA certainly proves that you are true leaders. You have certainly stepped outside the box and given it your all to make a mark in this industry.

    Congratulations on manifesting your Cadillac into your life!

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  3. Hey Dave,

    Excellent point … it order to achieve success in this or any other industry for that matter … you must be willing to “pay the price.”

    I also agree that the 80/20 Rule plays a much larger rule in life that most will ever realize.

    We do appreciate everything that you have done and continue to do Dave, in creating this wonderful community of business associates and friends.

    Thanks for sharing,

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  4. Thank You Dave
    Your post was right to the point, And Dawn looks great in her new car.
    I think TSA is a great place, there are so many great bloggers that you can learn so much from.We all can learn from reading others work.
    Again Thank You
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  5. Bien fait de la France Dawn and Dave … I imagine in the course of your day with Legal Sheild you can cover many miles so it certainly makes sense to do it in a comfortable car that you find a pleasure to drive. In this life we must set attainable goals and reward ourselves in the way Dave suggested to Dawn it clearly works :) Safe motoring Missy! :)

  6. Hi Dave and Dawn,
    Congratulations on the new car! Awesome and I am sure you feel the efforts that went into acquiring the car every time you drive. Nothing is achieved in life without effort. We all know that. Each of us has to decide where to put our focus. Success takes focus and consistency repeatedly. I have reaped a lot of benefit from TSA but like Jim I don’t have extra hours in my week to do more than comment and write a new article. I understand your decision to put your focus on your Legalshield business – that is true leverage of effort.

    Take care,
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    1. I do appreciate all that you do, Dave, Gavin, Kim, and Dawn. I have to echo Clare and Pastor Sherry’s sentiments. I love our community, but, like you selling the franchise, I can only devote so much time in addition to 1.5 jobs and raising a family. I always do my part to comment on and share as many blogs as I can, write two articles each week, and more. But that’s the best I can do right now :)
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  7. Congrats!! I must say that I always wondered how thin you were spreading yourself in terms of time.. Those leaders will get where they want and the other 80% won’t… I will continue to support TSA but I can understand what you say in terms of time.. and I dont’ have as many responsibilities as you… Thanks for sharing. I have upline who often vent, but you do it with finesse. Thanks!
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  8. Excellent article as usual Dave and as one of your Legal Shields customers, I can attest to your professionalism which is not surprising since I had already seen in play at the TSA level.

    As for being a leader, I think more than having the time to do it, it is a question of mindset, and more importantly a genuine will to help people improve themselves as in so doing they improve their leaders.

    Once again congratulations on the new car. Dawn looks so happy and this in itself is better than any fancy car one might ever be able to afford!
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  9. Hi Dave, congratulations for your success with Legalshield. Unfortunately TSA members don’t participate too often lately on the spread sheet but on the other hand there is an increase on the Facebook TSA group, anyway I hope this will change in the future and it is in our hand and of course yours Dave and Dawn to keep the TSA tribe growing…
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  10. Great to hear from you Dave, and congratulations on your success in your company! I think it’s quite “normal” that only a few would step up to help with the TSA community. Many people have other commitments, and it depends on what your priorities are at the time, it doesn’t mean that people aren’t leaders, if they’re not participating in lots of things.

    It’s good to focus on one or 2 things and have them be successful!

    I’m so glad you’ve been able to step away from TSA and have other people take on tasks for you Dave. We all appreciate you for all you’ve done for this community!

    Regards from Julieanne
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  11. First off my hats off to you and Dawn for being such great leaders and roll models. and CONGRATS to your success with Legal Shield…sweet car and well deserved. I have been up against the wall in taking my business and leadership roll to the next level and find your success inspiring. I am looking at juggling less ball but bigger balls (Que the AC/DC Big Balls song). Thanks again for all you do.
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  12. I can say that I’m very greatfull for the time you guys have taken to build the TSA tribe. Honestly I can not understand why this community isn’t just growing larger and larger… With the way google is going it has become even more important to have social signal going to and from your blog.


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  13. Awesome picture of Dawn in her new car. It’s definitely worth the price taking the role of a leader. It’s such a rewarding experience helping people and you ultimately benefit greatly in the process. I appreciate you and all you have done putting TSA together. I do get overwhelmed at times but I feel like TSA is not something that I should drop. I just need to get better about spreading it over the week. ;)
    Melodie Kantner recently posted..Three Mistakes That Will Shipwreck Your Network Marketing BusinessMy Profile

  14. Leadership is not just a leader but instead a good listener. It is indeed a great and detailed post. thanks for this.!

  15. Hey Dave and Dawn,
    I think that some people misunderstand the responsibility of being a member of such a great organization. TSA members have taught me so much from their post and also their products. It is a commitment but one that has propeled my business knownlegde greatly. We all have to make business decisions on a daily basis and sometimes one needs to focus on a certain directions. Thanks for your straight talk! And congrats on the car.
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  16. People do pay a price whether it is more time or even money. TSA is not hard to make comments on 40+ blogs in a week or syndicate. I admit I do not have the time to update the spreadsheet daily as I usually comment on as many as I can in a day.

    By the way, nice car. :) I love my Impala, but I have driven a Cadillac and they are sweet!!!
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  17. Congratulations on your business success!! And I love the picture of Dawn in her awesome new car!

    TSA and blogging have been a tremendous struggle for me in the past five months, because of a number of other big things going on in my life. They are good things, but they take a lot of time and energy.

    MY particular challenge is to work on blogging and syndication DAILY. That’s the price I need to pay.

    Willena Flewelling
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  18. Great post, Dave! Congratulations on getting to the point of being able to get the dream car! I think that sometimes the price is priorities, because of all the things that you used to do that makes it impossible to do the things that you really want to do when it all comes to the important things.
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  19. I always believe in quality post and not numbers. Yet, everyone who is still with TSA as grown into great leaders in our industry. I alone have been able to share my passion of supporting people in personal and business growth.

    This means the world to me and my group. We have made new friends that are for a lifetime. Your one of them and with leaders such as yourself. The whole community has prospered.

    Dave, we felt your pulling back and it was something that you and your wife Dawn realized was needed. Yet, others should follow your example. Do not spread yourself too thin. Stay focused on what your doing and complete it to the top level.

    I am always inspired by you Dave, and would like to thank you for the attention you have given me. I look forward in many more years learning more from you.

    Looking forward in reading updated articles from you soon.
    William Amis recently posted..Balancing Persistence and PatientsMy Profile

  20. Congratulations on the success and new car Dawn! Since joining I’ve more than kept up my end of the partnership with the TSA community in the role I signed on for – and that was to syndicate and comment on the content of fellow bloggers. I visit the spreadsheet most days, including weekends. I’m visiting the FB page less and less because recently it’s gotten too chaotic and as much time as I spend commenting on member blogs I don’t appreciate the comments about people being “too lazy” to look for posts to comment on. My priority is commenting on the blogs for those on the spreadsheet. I have my own dreams I’m working toward and it’s a 7 day a week proposition.
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  21. Hi Dave,
    People take leadership very lightly … when we decide to step up and lead a group of people there comes a responsibility which is a serious matter.
    As you said make sure you are prepaired for the price we need to pay to help people progress.
    You guys did a great job getting TSA up and running so successfully.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.
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  22. You are so right, Dave. It does cost to be a leader, and I think the amount is directly to the quality of leadership a person is willing to provide. I have spent a fair amount of time in my life being a leader, either in the military or in the school system and it has been my experience that quite a few of the people in a particular a group will follow the example set by the leader. Maybe not every single person, but a large percentage.

    Car looks good, sounds like you guys are doing great with Legal Shield. :-)
    Michael recently posted..The Power of GratitudeMy Profile

  23. Hi Dave and Dawn,

    Nice car – it is tangible evidence of your success in Legalshield.

    I appreciate all you two, Gavin and Kim have done to keep TSA going. I know what it is like and my observation is that when you move focus, results move as well. I have disciplined myself to commenting on at least 7 blogs a week and syndicating those posts. I find that doing it daily means logging on the a large number of Social Media sites which takes some time, so I prefer to do it in a block. Simply, it is more efficient use of my time.

    I have learned a lot from reading the various posts, and hope I have contributed in a small way as well.

    My suggestion is that you two and Gavin make a commitment to leave at least one post a week on your respective blogs. Kim does this already. My experience with leadership is that others will follow your lead and right now your lead is one post a month!

    The second suggestion is not to promote Legal Shield on every post you write. We have been asked not to use all our posts to promote our businesses and when we do, we get less comments. I have seen this in my time at TSA. I know you may think that keeping Legal Shield at the top of everyone’s mind will build your business faster, but I think that is probably not true.

    Both these come down to being a leader by example. Maybe these little tweeks can turn the TSA around and get things growing again. It would make me feel more comfortable bringing in new people.
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  24. I’ll add my congratulations for the new car — yes, Dawn does look happy! You are absolutely right about leadership costing something. And I believe all of us appreciate your leadership here in TSA.

    I salute you for knowing where your boundaries are and being able to do something about them. TSA has been such a blessing to me, and I’m thankful to be able to participate. But as for taking on any more, I’m juggling several things right now myself, and to take on something additional would be foolhardy. I support those who do step up to the plate in TSA, though.
    Pastor Sherry recently posted..Walk With God Even When The Answer Is “No”My Profile

  25. Congrats on the car. My wife’s dream car is a Cadillac SR5. I am sure she will be as happy as Dawn.

    You are right about paying a price. TSA is a great community and works great when you work it.

    I had to take a break for personal reasons, but now I am back and intend to do my part.

    Jaden Daniels recently posted..Building My Own WordPress Auction SiteMy Profile

  26. Hi Dave,
    When I joined TSA I said I would play by the rules and do my part consistantly. I see the improved traffic to my blog and I think I’m on a slow growth to more and more traffic! TSA works as long as everybody works it. I will continue to do my part, and together we will all succeed!

    Tom Burt
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  27. Since joining TSA about a month ago, I didn’t realize the community that was here. I have enjoyed contributing and love how we give each other so much motivation. It is amazing the leaders in that are here in TSA and it is a privilege to get to share my story with some of the most amazing writers I have seen.

    Anyway, TSA has made a difference in my outlook on life, business, and all sorts of other things. Dave, even though I don’t know you well, you and Dawn have put together a great organization and is a privilege to be a part of it. Thanks for sharing the reality of what is taking place.
    Michael Levy recently posted..“Support” Is The Anecdote To SuccessMy Profile

  28. Sometimes you have to pay big bucks for leadership. I know a story about a huge manager that owned a cheap car; this situation affected his image among other managers from important companies, so he had to buy a more luxurious car. PS: Dawn, congrats for your new car!

  29. too many distractions limit your success. I too used to be involved in many things and was getting spread way too thin. I stepped back at the beginning of the year to assess what was really important and gave up a number of projects and my direct sales business to focus on what I’m passionate about. As a result I’m a lot happier and actually more successful in the business that I now devote all my time to. I took a break from the TSA whilst reassessing what my priorities are but didn’t want to let that go. Looking forward to spending more time with the TSA community. A worthwhile community.

    Congratulations on the new car Dawn.
    Anne Perez recently posted..Facebook Timeline Increases Customer EngagementMy Profile

  30. Congratulations for the car ! I am so thankful on what you and Dawn have done for all of us in TSA. The time you have spent creating the whole system and making it work has given us the members so much leverage in our businesses. I know that it has been wonderful for me and I appreciate it a lot.

  31. Hi Dave

    Thx for this good post on leadership.

    What you say make 100% sens you need to pay the price
    the last week was a bit bad on my side and did not read
    blogs as i need to but today I just get a wake up call to
    read every day and to put in my nr’s every day.

    I don’t want to live in a ghost town with my blog and that is why I love TSA with every thing in me.

    PS Congrats on the car it is a read Example of going after your dreams.
    Theuns recently posted..There are no traffic jams on the extra mileMy Profile

  32. Hey Dave,

    Juggling, life and J.O.B.S and family and passions and opportunities is hard. Real Hard. I am so glad you have been able to step back and pursue what you need to and Dawn sure looks content in her sparkly new car :)

    Just to say, that I totally appreciate what the TSA does for me and whilst I have to step back myself from time to time, TSA will always have a place in my marketing, relationship building and education of becoming a success online.

    In about 3 months I am going to be made redundant, so I need to put my efforts in to making cash right now, but I would love to help out more when that time comes, as I am sure going to have a lot more time to play with.

    Blessing in disguise springs to mind!

    Let’s all raise a glass to the TSA!

    Beth :)
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  33. Thanks Dave its my first visit on this site. Thanks Amrik for sharing the links with me.
    I am agree with Sharon Its really great place.
    Thanks for this super article and Car is awesome ;)

  34. First I must say Congrats on the car! Dawn looks radiant. This is something well deserved with all your hard work. You have been a Leader to me since I met you. We all need to set our priorities and you guys did…look at the amazing results and more to come.
    I so appreciate the work you have done in TSA constantly juggling such a big responsibility. I feel that most of the people in this group are great Leaders and will continue to be.
    I’m sure we will all keep up TSA because of that.
    Blessings to both of you,
    Donna Merrill recently posted..The Power Of TribesMy Profile

  35. Hi Dave,

    your leadership in TSA is very much appreciated. Thank to you I have learned a lot and got to meet more people and have more traffic on my blog.

    I wonder, was the price you had to pay worth seeing Dawn happy and having the sense of achievement? I think I know the answer, just checking.

    Not everyone is instant leadership ‘material’, some grow into it and others don’t want to know. That’s why it is never crowded at the leading edge.

    Thank you for the food for thought!
    Yorinda recently posted..Human EmpathyMy Profile

  36. Hi Dave

    I can TOTALLY relate to your post in terms of leading an organization on a regular basis. You give and give, and there comes a point when you must allow the baby eagles to fly on their own. Mother eagles literally push them out of the nest. It’s a scary concept, but it’s the only way they start flying.
    I too had to step back for a while and pay attention to building my business, and let go of all of the attraction marketing stuff. Sometimes you have to do what is screaming at you!! What has happened is a HUGE rank advancement and jump in pay, and more stability with our company. It turns out that traditional network marketing is really what works best for us. That’s not to say that social media is not a wonderful way to meet people, keep in front of our target market and to keep talking about our passions.

    I MISSED TSA immensely. I felt it on our blog..and yes it became a ghost town. I also missed many of the relationships I had built. I came back for a two fold reason. First, I love to share as much value as I can to help network marketers using our documented experience in the industry, and perhaps help some people to not make the same mistakes I have in the last year and a half with online marketing. There are many sharks, false “goo-roos” and huge egos out there, preying on innocent struggling marketers…(but that’s another subject!)
    Second, I just wanted to participate in the experience that is unique ONLY TO TSA! What we have here is very special and I know that most of our members know that. Just go away for a while and you’ll feel it. It’s not just about syndication and blog comments. It’s about HEARTS, IDEAS, THOUGHTS, GIVING, and LOVE. We have the best tribe going and must contribute at whatever level works for us.
    I appreciate all you have done Dave! Great Car for Dawn! I remember picking out our first reward car and how special it was for me!

    TSA Rocks!
    Laura Morris recently posted..A Business Secret From JapanMy Profile

  37. Now, I have to say, that is a nice Car!!!! Hard work pays off! I am a firm believer that GOD will never give us more than we can handle. Forgive me but the exact scripture slips my mind but GOD also says that If you are faithful with little, he bless you with more. Giving for leadership is an automatic, I have been there as well, not a great feeling but it pays off!

    Steven Hennigan recently posted..Why Tweet?My Profile

  38. Dave…Leadership takes on many roles, as you have pointed out. One of the facets of being a true leader is to organize your following through example. That example entails putting a direction in play that those around you will follow. That sense of direction is something that we in TSA must take on ourselves. If TSA members want to step out and be leaders, then they must focus on the daily tasks that must be accomplished to be known as leaders. Thanks for your leadership and for hitting the nail on the head.
    Martin Casper recently posted..Moving Means Change…So Embrace It!My Profile

  39. Thanks for your efforts in TSA. I’m really happy that I’m a member now and I wish I knew about it sooner. What you say about leadership is so true. I have to remember that when people can only offer problems instead of solutions, then they need a leader to guide them. That (like the 80/20 rule) can apply to many areas of life.
    kathryn recently posted..How to Get a Celebrity InterviewMy Profile

  40. Hi Dave and Dawn:

    I’ve missed being in TSA and am glad to be back. Congrats on the new car, Dawn. I hope I will be able to be a valuable member of TSA as I explore the world of internet marketing.

    All the best,
    Leslie Denning

  41. Dave,I can tell that you have made a very BIG contribution to this Blog Syndicate! In face, this is the first Blogging Group I have been a part of that actually worked even better than promised! I appreciate your efforts and wish you continued success with your business as well as personal life! Respectfully, Jay

  42. Hey Dave,

    I agree that the 80/20 rule will apply to almost every aspect of your life.

    20% of your team will be leaders.
    80% of the obstacles standing in the way of your dreams are self made.
    20% of your list will have consistent open rates and be buyers.

    The list goes on and on. Recognizing, understanding and excepting this fundamental 80/20 Rule will go a long way in helping you achieve your success.

    Again, great article Dave.

    Kevin DeRoo recently posted..The Art of Influence and PersuasionMy Profile

    1. I always thought it was more the 90/10 rule instead of 80/20…perhaps it is from when my dad was in Amway….lol. Leadership does come at a cost, especially if you end up failing to be that person other people have placed you as. You have to make sure to be genuine and be knowledgeable in your business.
      Nile recently posted..Graphic: Stop Waiting, Start BloggingMy Profile

  43. Hello Dave

    Jim Collins author of “Good to Great”, plus other books says one of the principles of a great leaders is sacrificial leadership. The short time that I have been associated with TSA you have more than demonstrated this principle. I began this journey with almost zero knowledge and skills of blogging. Anyone and everyone can get the results they desire if they follow leaders and mimick what leaders do PERIOD has worked for me. Thank your for the vision and sacrifice to create the TSA system

    Perry A Davis Jr
    Music City
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  44. Wow, that’s a very insightful post.
    I love leadership. And my price is sometimes making the right decisions with or without the crowd. I mean communication and input are always welcome. But as a leader, sometimes the right choice for the whole might upset some others people. And we can’t please all people. At the end of the day, it is back to what the priorities was set to be and whether we indeed keep them as daily targets.

    I would like to take the time to thank you for all of your leadership, patience, and love for this lovely community.

    Vivian So

  45. Hey Dave,

    It’s so true that leadership and success comes with a price. The trick is to determine what that price will be for you from the very beginning of your journey towards your goals. If you already know exactly what you are willing to sacrifice in order to reach your destination then you’re taking away some of the “pain” from making those tough decisions as they present themselves.

    Thanks for your leadership.

    Kevin DeRoo recently posted..Zeek Rewards – And Now For Something Completely DifferentMy Profile

  46. Hi Dave,
    Great point you have made. It’s very important to get our priorities straight. By focusing your energy on one or two important matters, I believe you can have a much more powerful outcome than if you had divided your energy on several matters. thanks again for sharing.
    Zena recently posted..Build Enormous Muscles Without SteroidsMy Profile

  47. Dave, I have notice a huge difference in being involved within TSA and not. There is proof of over 1k visits now and that is each week. Before it was not even half on just my blog.

    I have had communication with past and present members and they all say the same. When not keeping up with just our methods of commenting on other’s blogs. They notice few or no visits to their sites. It does make a difference in meeting the little required action weekly.

    I must admit that when I do not add a new article my loyal followers tell me I need to pick it up. So now I keep focused on just doing my part and more. It will pay in the end. You learn what everyone is talking about during the week. Most sites have the same topics and that is what you can give your insight to your readers.

    Thanks for all you do Dave being a great people person as you are.
    William Amis recently posted..Can you hear you now?My Profile

  48. Hey Dave

    This is an insightful post. Being a leader never comes easy. You always have to be on your toes to keep your team motivated and driving them towards achieving goals. The leader should be clear with thee priorities and drive the energy in the right direction.
    Richa recently posted..Temporary office market feeling pinchMy Profile

  49. I completely agree with your share Dave. Leadership does come at an overwhelming price. It is very aptly said that if we have a defined goal and we incline our efforts to achieve it the results are more favorable rather than trying to get everything at a go . Moreover before aiming to become a leader one should be prepared to determine the price that he is willing to pay. Inspiring share .

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