Earn Money With The *New* TSA Affiliate Program – (Webinar Wednesday)

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I just wanted to give you a VERY QUICK heads up… because we’re about to announce the BRAND NEW TSA affiliate program… & we want you to know about it first! We want to reward you for the hard work you are already doing promoting TSA.

We’ll be announcing it on Wednesday on the Webinar and as a long standing TSA member, YOU are the first to know and are personally invited.

As of next week, you’ll be able to earn an income for the people you refer to the 3 Step Syndication System who pay their application fee and join the system. We’re also in the process of putting together a BRAND NEW social media course which you’ll be able to earn from also.

Please ENSURE you’re on the webinar/call on Wednesday as I don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity. Here are the webinar details.


Webinar Details

Webinar Name: Earn Money With The *New* TSA Affiliate Program
Webinar Date: July 20th 2011
Webinar Time: 5pm Eastern Time | 4pm CST | 2pm PST | 10pm UK time
Webinar Link: http://vcp.videocontrolpanel.net/?page=HOME_JOIN&redirect=1&meeting=3060100 (Please click this link to join the webinar. There is NO webinar registration page for this. At the correct time, use the above link to join and we’ll see you in the room)


VERY IMPORTANT – Because there isn’t a reminder system in place for this webinar… please go to your CALENDAR or diary right now and enter the webinar time and date. If you do this now, you WILL remember about it.

As I said before, I don’t want you to miss out on this.

I know 5pm Eastern is a strange time, but we’ve now got so many International members that we need to cater for everyone.

We look forward to seeing you there…

From all the comments we’ve received over the past 6 months, it’s clear you guys LOVE TSA and I know we offer HUGE value. So, it’s time for us to reward you again with referring people to us.

Please LEAVE a comment below to let us know you can attend or not. Anyone who is unable to attend, we can then make sure you are up to speed on how to get signed up later.

Committed To Your Success,

Gavin Mountford, Dave & Dawn Cook
& Kimberly Castleberry


61 thoughts on “Earn Money With The *New* TSA Affiliate Program – (Webinar Wednesday)

  1. Hey Dave,

    I will find a way to be on that webinar…it’s great to hear that the Affiliate program is coming back.

    Like you said, we will be rewarded for what we are ALREADY doing. Many of us have never stopped promoting the awesome value of the TSA Community.

    Also, I can’t tell in this video if you are actually “walking on water”, because if you are that will elevate you to a whole new status…

    Looking forward to the webinar and all the future roll-outs.

    To your continued Mastery,
    Marc Korn recently posted..Do You Know Your E.V.E. Ratio ?My Profile

    1. Definitely Marc, this is spot on with what leaders like you have continued doing and just a way to give back to that. We’re super excited about it and look forward to your questions and thoughts on the webinar.

  2. Hi Dave, Dawn, Gavin and Kimberly,

    You are awesome ! Thanks for the latest development :-) Sounds great and I think I might attend the webinar.


    1. Joyce, the webinar will definitely be recorded however we are encouraging people to attend live so we can address questions. We understand that we are a global community and all of us have lives outside of the PC so we will definitely have a recording!

      1. Thanks Kim…

        Ok so … I’m going to do my best to stay up… had a 4.45am start today! Everyone seems to love Wednesdays… they are my busiest days most weeks.

        Looking forward to hearing all about the new direction we are moving in though :)

    1. Hey Bryan, we completely understand the international nature of the community and we will be recording. If possible, attend so you can get questions answered but we will mail out a recording a few days after (once we’ve had time to save/edit/produce/upload it). Hope to see you there!

  3. Hi dave, dawn, kim and Gavin,

    For you guys I will be up at 7 am! I come off one of my own calls late the night before, but this is important. FYI, I am now noticing my stats are steadily climbing for my blog. Considering that is mainly due to syndication and comments from TSA members, althought it has take a while, it is getting traction.

    Thanks for all that you guys do for the community.

    Cheers, John
    John Gaydon recently posted..Abundance – It’s All In The MindMy Profile

    1. Hey John, I look forward to seeing you there! I know it’s early morning for you and there will be a recording. However, if you can attend it will be the best way to get any questions answered!
      See you there!

  4. The amount of traffic to my blog has increased, my pagerank is climbing, I am learning a LOT.
    And now I can earn a income from TSA.
    It doesn’t get better than this.
    00:00 at night for me, But I will do my best to be not only in front of the PC but awake :-)
    Ben recently posted..The Boy Scout MotoMy Profile

    1. Hey Willie, yes there will be a recording of the affiliate webinar although for people who are able to attend live, there are always extra benefits.

      Hope you are doing well and speak soon,

  5. You guys are fantastic…

    I spoke with Gavin when I first joined and he told me to keep a list of people I bring in TSA. I was informed this was attempted before.

    Good things come to those who wait. I love this based on people love the free support with usable comments and activities. We bring quality professionals and newbies to this location. Giving back to the members who have been putting in the work. This is just a plus.

    Thank you all for your great work. Now it’s time to get some real growth. The people attracted to TSA. This is based on our leaders and support they bring. All the members that go the extra mile. All the members that leave real usable content on others blogs. Not just the one’s assigned with for the week.

    This is going to be a great way of you leaders showing more love. Thanks for all the great support.
    William Earl Amis Jr III recently posted..Ultimate Team ExistanceMy Profile

  6. Hi Dave,Dawn,Gavin and Kim,

    Actually I am appalled at the fact that this didn’t come out sooner. LoL I see what Dave,Dawn,Gavin and Kim have put together is something many Bloggers would really like to be a part of. (I am happy to be a “long standing member”)

    I think It’s a good thing and the TSA can only grow as a result and what could be wrong with that?

    I am going to be on the webinar Wednesday.

    To our success,

    Charles Seay recently posted..We Were Being GroomedMy Profile

    1. Lol Charles, yes it’s taken a while but we are moving forward now. Lots of work went into setting up the 3 step system and we’ve finally had chance to breath. Looking forward to it and see you later :-)

  7. I am definitely looking forward to this webinar,can’t wait to see whats in store and if history says anything with you guys it is sure to have great value Dave.

    Just curious but how long will the webinar be?

    1. Hey CJ, webinar should run about an hour, but questions will likely run over that and I usually try to answer as many as I can even if we’re well over time. I’d rather everyone had a chance to get stuff answered at once than me having to field 100 emails LOL! Cya there!

  8. Sorry Gavin but I shall not be attending because I need to focus on my Primary Business.
    Thank you for the invitation.

  9. Thanks Gavin for keeping me in the loop. I have been away for about a month now. Glad to be back. This year has been a mess as far as the weather is concerned however, I think all is well now. I should be there tonight. I have had my blog on auto pilot for the last month so I will get it cleaned up a bit, write an article and get back into the mix. Make it a Great Day. . .
    Ross Joyner recently posted..THE ABCs OF SEO – Search Engine OptimizationMy Profile

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  11. Short video, long video, who cares? You always have something good to say, Dave!

    I’ll be there if I can, to learn what I can learn. :)

    By the way, I love the new look of the blog… SO much easier on the eyes with the larger print!


  12. I’ll definitely be there. I wasn’t sure about the schedule, but I think that it is definitely a great thing that we are getting to share in the fruits of TSA’s labor. Thank you for starting this!

  13. Hi Gavin ~ I’ve been away and so won’t/wasn’t able to get to the webinar on time. So getting up to speed later would be fabulous.

  14. The webinar was priceless. This was the best learning experience in along time. The information was very detailed with lost of questions throughout. The team was on top of each question and gain the confidence of all members.

    Great future things are happening and all for us members. This is a great family to be apart of and truly keeping it real. New levels of accomplishments being shared with daily support for all.

    Thanks guys for all the hidden work also.

  15. Wow Dave — only a 2-minute video??? Good for you!

    I haven’t listened to the webinar yet (I assume it’s taped?), but the idea of an affiliate program attached to TSA is attractive. Wish I knew more people who would like to get involved with internet marketing!

    You guys seem to keep coming up with more and more ideas for the rest of us. TSA is a cool place to be (well, maybe not for the last few HOT days . . .)!
    Pastor Sherry recently posted..Taking Negative Thoughts Captive, Part 1My Profile

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