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A Closer Look At The Commentluv 2.9 Settings

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Could New Toys Be Costing You Commentors?

With TSA being the marketer centric environment that it is, we always walk a fine line of deciding what elements are important enough to make into “rules”… and which ones can be handled by the fine art of education!

Since commentluv 2.9 went live, we’ve seen a lot of members fussing over the settings that other members are using… and that’s been a cause for concern.

There’s a lot of misunderstanding… both about those settings… and about things TSA attempts not to dictate when we can.

I stayed out of this early on because I needed time to extensively test the new options and see what would result from them.

And here’s what I found…

 Quick Overview:

As you can see, requiring registration for dofollow and 10 link options caused me a lot of annoyed visitors and gained me very little. The registrations are not marketing qualified optins and require incredible finesse to be able to do anything with. I was stabbing myself in the foot by requiring this registration but had tested it out since it “seemed” like such a great idea. However, dofollow does impact SEO of the “giving” blog and we attempt to limit the SEO impact of what we mandate so that it remains a choice how much you share with the community. Nofollow links are not entirely useless but dofollow are worth so much more that many bloggers treat dofollow blogs preferentially. So, while we are not requiring these CL settings be returned to their pre-2.9 capacity…. dofollow and 10 links for all… that would certainly be our suggestion.

Additional Notes:

When the (completely optional) commentluv 3.0 premium arrives it will bring an extension of the dofollow/link requirements into much easier to swallow things that TSA already does such as tweeting the post.

I can honestly see these newer softer requirements working MUCH better while at the same time helping me as a blogger reduce the number of spammers that slip in to swipe dofollow links and hurt me. Commentluv will remain free however and CL 3.0 Premium is still a ways out (last I checked).

CL Premium will NOT be required for TSA participation (although commentluv itself is).

I hope this clarifies for you the situation that many bloggers have unknowingly set these options assuming they were a good thing (and because they are default) and do not realize they are irritating their fans. We can not grumble and scuff our feet and complain when we should be helping to educate other bloggers on what emotions their blogs bring up in us so they can improve.

TSA highly suggests a more open setting for those options but they do remain your choice.

We’re pretty sure though that being the giving blogger you are, that you will likely chose to help people every time you can!

Committed To Your Success!
Kimberly, Dave, Dawn, and Gavin

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48 thoughts on “A Closer Look At The Commentluv 2.9 Settings

  1. Hi Kim and the Gang,

    I too, originally set my ComLuv to require registration. When I went to my first blog that required me to register, I got so annoyed I changed the registration on my own blog.

    Didn’t I just read somewhere that Google is phasing out the importance of link building to limit the link-building, bad blog fiends in favor of the good content, value to their reader blogs?
    Debbie Lattuga recently posted..Writing to Impact Change – Free EbookMy Profile

    1. Hey Debbie, I just blogged on exactly that topic. What we’re going to see is a decrease in importance. However, no one that is looking at the stats anticipates that link building will fall off the radar. Links still constitute a vote from another site that your content is worth linking to from theirs. What this refocus is designed to do is to minimize the “damage” done to the search results by the guys that go to the auction house and buy 1000 backlinks! We really don’t know what the final degree of emphasis will be… and because its “machine learning” there will no longer be an algorithm with a fixed number we can guess at because every time we guess the machine will “learn” what we are doing. Until the big SEOs say that links have become completely worthless I would not count them out of the game. However, no longer should they dictate (estimates of) 85-90% of the game at times. Hope that makes sense.

      1. I don’t think links will have become worthless to be honest. It would fly in the face of what google has been all about for so long. The types of sites links come from, yes. The unrealistic frequency with which links pop up, yes (ie hundreds of sites coming up at once with links to the same site).

        But the value of “good” links from “good” sites will certainly remain.

        There is something going on with google though at the moment. I am noticing changes in my rankings throughout my network of sites, some which I like and some which I am fearful off.

        Keep the Smiles,

        Stevie Smith recently posted..The Things We Say!My Profile

      2. unfortunatly links will never be phased out, as steve said google has built the internet to be like that. One of the big reasons for this is that the internet is increasing at such a fast rate that no “human” could ever moderate what is good and bad, even though bots are getting better, bots will never tell the difference between what is value and what is just a well written page of nonsence, this is why we find scraper site at the top of google even at post panda algarithums

        links are being reduced slightly but is still one of the majour backbones of SEO.

        All the best


  2. Kimberly,

    Not being a techie, I still do not quite understand how “Do follow” and “No follow” affect the blog site’s ranking. But I do find that some blog sites give me a hard time before I can actually leave a comment. Because of TSA I will stay there but on any other site, I would just leave. My one pet peeve, a different issue that I have mentioned to TSA members on occasion, is receiving an automatic response when I have taken the time to leave a comment on someone’s blog. I would rather have no response than to have an extra email in my inbox that is just an automated reply.

    Dr. Erica Goodstone recently posted..Cheating is a Dirty Word – Beware!My Profile

      1. Hey, I’m with Dr. Erica here. All these emails thanking me for commenting on a blog or following on Twitter just take my time to delete. I already know people appreciate a comment on their blog, or a follow on Twitter, so it seems redundant.

        And as for emails that inform me if there’s a comment to my comment, most of the time I want to know if someone has responded to my comment, so I don’t mind that. And yes, please put the reply in the email, saving me yet another click!!

        Oh, and registration on blogs . . . I always try to comment on all the people’s blogs in my group here on TSA, but I ran into the registration thing a couple weeks ago, and I simply skipped commenting on that blog because I didn’t want to go through all that.

        My personal feeling is that we need to make things as easy as possible for people to comment. Having said all this, I do hope MY blog is easy — I’m not techy either, so wouldn’t know what to do if it wasn’t, but I wouldn’t like it, either :)
        Pastor Sherry recently posted..Reframing Painful Memories, Part 6-AMy Profile

        1. Pastor Sherry,

          So Well Said! I agree with it all. “registering” for a blog while you’re trying to leave a comment, in order to get more commentLuv link choices, leads you AWAY from the Comment page. That is stupid and annoying and a pain in the neck. That happened last week with a TSA member and I was going to NOT post a comment but I had already spent so much time reading the article and watching the video in the article, that I just couldn’t give up trying to comment. It was a small Virtual Nightmare and I promise never to put my readers through that.

          I thought the emails thanking me for commenting was cool, but I’m sure I will soon find it annoying and since it annoys everyone else, I will NOT use whatever plugin does that.

          QUESTION: So what plugin notifies you that someone has replied to YOUR comment AND leaves the comment in the email so you don’t need to click on the link in the email to find out the response to your comment?

          Jupiter Jim
          Jupiter Jim recently posted..How Long Until Your WordPress Blog is Successful?My Profile

    1. I’m one of those evil marketers that intentionally removed the reply from the email that tells you there is a reply ;)

      If my reader isn’t engaged enough to want to come back and see the reply (which helps my alexa, time on site and improves my optin rate to get them back to the site) then likely they were not my market anyways. This is a “business related move” that is middle ground between not emailing, vs emailing everyone always, etc. It’s one of several things I do that I have spent a lot of time and thought on. Admittedly it’s not perfect.

      As I mentioned to Yorinda below: “One key to remember is that we have to find a middle ground between remembering that TSA is NOT the market of each of our blogs, and to focus on marketing to the right people and doing the right marketing things, while keeping the impact on TSA members marginal. There will always be impact but that’s part of what we trade off. It’s also why we don’t have to comment on anyone’s blog we don’t want to. I hope that makes sense.”

  3. Hey Kimberly,

    Thanks for this comprehensive look at the 2.9 version.
    I sincerely hope that your foot has healed as a result of the stabbing in the foot region:)

    Just to make sure I am on the same page…it seems that the recommendation for those of us who were on the outside looking in and waiting for the findings to come in and are still using version 2.8. is that we just leave this, as is.

    Like you, I feel it is important to give back to our commentators by offering more value and offering 10 links and dofollow is great.

    Keep educating us.

    To your continued Mastery,
    Marc Korn recently posted..Les Brown On Why People FailMy Profile

    1. Marc,

      The 2.8 version is going to totally stop working very shortly. It is server based and was costing Andy a fortune to maintain. The new 2.9 uses our own blogs to request the feeds independently and do not talk to a central server except to report which urls are using which version etc so that Andy can spot trouble ahead of time. Anyone using 2.8 will soon not have a working commentluv. Like almost every other plugin it’s important to stay updated.


    1. Hey Richard, I’m glad that at least the point was understandable. We want everyone to have the choice to make this decision their own as it is a “business impacting move” but by the same token I wanted to show people what I was seeing and explain that while commentors may not be complaining there was definitely tension in the air!

  4. Hi Kimberly,

    your video and article clarified the whole backlinking and settings on commentluv a lot more.
    I am glad that I set all that from the beginning without really knowing why, it just felt right to do.

    Interesting comments about getting emails about comments. What do do? I like to acknowledge people for their comment and since I usually don’t always go back to the post I made a comment on, I would not find out if there has been a reply.
    I appreciate getting annoyed with emails and the inbox can seem quite full at times.
    I am at a loss, whether to keep the plug in that thanks people or not.

    Thank you so much for making this information available.
    Yorinda recently posted..Taking time out for Well BeingMy Profile

    1. Hey Yorinda,
      For me, the commenting based email plugins are another “business decision”. Not something we want to rule on as long as they remain within the very wide boundaries of the CAN SPAM law. Most people think that that law is a lot more restrictive than it is but it does allow for many things.

      I moved away from the basic “thanks for commenting” scripted email and went to “Reply Me” (I have a whole big post on this). Reply me emails them when their comment is replied to. However, Erica mentioned disliking if it does not include the comment, and that is another business move I made. If my reader isn’t engaged enough to want to come back and see the reply (which helps my alexa, time on site and improves my optin rate to get them back to the site) then likely they were not my market anyways.

      One key to remember is that we have to find a middle ground between remembering that TSA is NOT the market of each of our blogs, and to focus on marketing to the right p eople and doing the right marketing things, while keeping the impact on TSA members marginal. There will always be impact but that’s part of what we trade off. It’s also why we don’t have to comment on anyone’s blog we don’t want to. I hope that makes sense.

  5. Kim, thank you so much for addressing this, because it certainly has been an issue for me. More of a source of confusion than anything else, because of the lack of consistency from one blog to another. I’m having issues of my own with my blog, and it’s been difficult sorting things out.

    Of course everyone has a right to set up their blog they way they want to, but I am grateful for those who give me the option of 10. At first I did try registering to blogs, but it was definitely a deterrent for me.

    Willena Flewelling
    Willena Flewelling recently posted..Mentoring For Free – Is It Really Free?My Profile

  6. Hey Kim,
    Thanks for the info. I really don’t have my blog up to speed yet so I can’t speak from a marketing side. But I do find it very annoying when I would have to register to read a blog post. I also hate the pop ups that some people use to get on their newsletter. Maybe I have already subscribed to the newsletter and find it a pain that the pop up will still show up.
    Joyce Edwards recently posted..News Flash! It’s OK to be Obese!My Profile

  7. Hi Kim,

    As you know after a frustrating week spending ridiculous time on commentluv, resulting in dropping off the main list due to lack fo time to do my syndication, I have given up on it.

    I was an advocate for it, and I can’t understand why no one can tell me why it doesn’t work on my blogs anymore. It is all of my blogs, not some.

    Anyway, I agree with you that it is better to allow follows from posts and not require log ins to select comments. It seems to me that everytime you do something to restrict readers you lose some of them. I am for open communicatioin and sharing the love. If only google would be as generous. I don’t think anyone knows what they are up to now. We need another giant to threaten their hold on the internet to shake them up.

    As another small point, you list comments from first to last. I find this frustrating. Surely it is better to list the most recent comment first, or no one may ever read them?

    Keep up the good work. I know you put in tremendous effort. It is just a shame commentluv doesn’t work for me anymore. I am disabling it and looking for something else.
    John Gaydon recently posted..Google Cancels My Adwords AcountMy Profile

  8. Kim, such a wonder and bringing more information, to overload us all. Only joking and keeping it real. We love the easy usage of creating a blog and then having our own address to own it’s content.

    Then we must create usable and unique content to keep all the members syndicating our blogs. We make attempts to keep it flowing with just sometimes laps appear. We get back to the swing of things when only you appear. We listen and learn for you so ever wise. Before we all know it there is another surprise. You mean to help all who must catch up with being qualified way past the deadline. Yet, everything you have made will last to the end of time.

    Kim, your appreciated and loved. All that hard work and patients says allot about your amazing character. You keep us alive with working behind the scenes. We are only updated with technology that enhances our lives. This is all thanks to your persistence and targeted dedication.

    Kim, thanks for all you do and continue to stay on us. We are only getting better with time and information. This is all because of you!
    William Earl Amis, Jr. III recently posted..AweMy Profile

  9. I’m never really been a big an of Comment Luv. I know its great for hookin’ your loyal commentors up with a backlink to their latest blog post, but I just think its always looked weird on my blog. I dunno, call me a weirdo, I’ve never been a fan.

    What I do like though is some Disqus though. That commenting system has always blew my whistle. My fav feature/benefit is probably the ability to add your comment to your Facebook and Twitter feeds, thus extending the conversation on your blog to your social networks. Powerful shizz right thurr! lol
    Matthew recently posted..List Machine Pro – The Last Tool You Need?My Profile

  10. Kimberly, You are so valuable to TSA for informing us of things we may not understand or realize. I for sure do not want to irritate any of my visitors, so thank you for doing such a thorough job of keeping us in the Know. So to clarify, not being a WP techie, if we just leave the Commentluv as is, it is okay?
    Thanks again. Much appreciation to you!
    Lynn Jones recently posted..Valuable Keys to Prevent Any Dark Clouds in Your Network Marketing CareerMy Profile

  11. Hi Kim,
    Thanks so much for posting this. I believe you said I need to take my Commentluv back
    to prior status, but I really don’t know what that is either. I am working on it, but I have had the same issue that John Gaydon has reported. Don’t know why Commentluv just stops working on some sites.
    Anyway, I just read over the comments, and I especially liked and agree with the comments by Pastor Sherry.
    Have a great week! Linda
    Linda Thomas recently posted..Work Ethic vs. Entitlement MentalityMy Profile

  12. Oh, boy!! I haven’t got a clue if updating to that version of commentluv is an issue. How do I find out? I have do follow activated, but not visible on my blog. I will have go listen to this a couple more times to ‘get it’!! LOL Yeah, you know me techy chicken! I just want traffic, so I can help the right people get what they want, that I offer!!!! Tell me what to do!! ( big grin) I got some work to do. Thanks so much for your education and experiences Kim.
    Holly recently posted..10 Simple Moves to Help Get Some Exercise into Your Day!My Profile

  13. Hi Kim,

    Thank you for doing this and for sharing your results. I too, was testing the features and will now be able to cut that process short. Interesting timing as I was just thinking about this yesterday when a new subscriber joined. I’ll be resetting those features on my blogs. Thanks again.
    Linnea recently posted..Shiny Object SyndromeMy Profile

  14. Thanks for the terrific overview and explanation, Kim. You cleared up and validated some things that I thought I knew, but it was good to get verification.

    I’ve never required registration to get the 10 posts choice, as I never quite saw the value in it and thought (correctly) that it would just annoy visitors. I usually try to guide my actions through my own thoughts, and when I come upon a blog that doesn’t give me a choice of 10 posts with CommentLuv, it irritates me.

    One time, I even left without commenting.

    So, I’m glad to see that your research bears this out.
    Dr. Bob Clarke recently posted..Lessons from Hurricane Irene: Are You a Survivor or Victim?My Profile

  15. I appreciate this detailed breakdown of the Commentluv settings. I never considered using the registration, I find that very annoying and don’t want to make my visitors go through unnecessary steps. I also decided when I first installed the newer version to give everyone the option to choose from the last 10 posts as well as give everyone do-follow links. So far so good.
    Eldon Beard recently posted..What if Your Prized MLM Downline Team Member Quits?My Profile

  16. Hey Kim, I noticed this change to the settings and tried to register for someone’s blog once and it was such a painful process I just decided NOT to comment on blogs that forced me to register, whatever that actually meant. I also thought my visitors would feel the same way so to ensure they could easily comment and be rewarded made sure their links were dofollow (if they left a genuine, meaningful comment with their name that I accepted) and gave them the option to choose from the 10 different links. Thanks for addressing this issue, glad to be on the same page. Thanks!
    Hans Schoff recently posted..Boost Your Home Based Income By Incorporating Funded ProposalsMy Profile

  17. Hello Kim

    Thanks for this very informative video. I am using version 2.90.91. Am I correct my settings be as follows; Everyone should get the 10 links and Everyone should get the DoFollow. Are there other setting that need to be changed?


    Perry A Davis Jr
    Music City
    Perry A Davis Jr recently posted..What might be the most important idea of the “now” and “next” of network marketing ?My Profile

  18. I certainly think that blog registration for commentluv is unhelpful, I haven’t found a positive for either the blog owner or the commentor.

    Glad to hear that this is the official recommendation and I have DoFollow activated along with commentluv open to everyone.

    Thanks for clarifying this to the community.
    I believe it’s best practice!
    James Lee recently posted..10 questions: Do you have what it takes to become an Unstoppable Entrepreneur?My Profile

  19. Hi Kimberly,

    Thanks for this helpful post. I had been using Intense Debate which includes several plugins, like Commentluv because I had originally had a blogspot blog. Well, after some updating to the blog, the Intense Debate feature stopped working which also took Commentluv with it. Not able to get ID to work again, so I had just enabled the plugins I wanted that it included, like Commentluv. And I did have the settings wrong thinking that some of them might be a good idea. Thanks for your help with this, I think I now have it all set correctly. – Rob
    Rob Wilson recently posted..Don’t keep injuring yourselfMy Profile

  20. I know I’m late on stopping by this post but I’m glad I took the time this morning because the comments are as valuable as the post itself! I never activated registration requirements on CommentLuv … and now I’m really glad I didn’t.

    Just to add my two cents on commenting – first, I agree about the automatic email replies for commenting. I just delete them as they come in. Re making it difficult to comment – yup, agree here as well – but in all fairness there’s another blogging community I work with and some of those bloggers have gone to a far more intrusive registration process than I’ve seen on any of the TSA blogs – I just avoid commenting on those blogs.
    marquita herald recently posted..Time to Revisit, Rethink, Rejuvenate GoalsMy Profile

  21. Hi Kim,

    As a reader, it would be discouraging to comment or interact with the blogger if it requires registration. As a website or blog owner, I think the best option here is to require the login only for those who want to choose which post to appear for the commentluv. The social networking options you have here is also a good idea. Its easier than registering for the site. :)
    Miles recently posted..Marquees for HireMy Profile

  22. Thanks for this info about the commentluv 2.9 settings. I was really curious about that. I really hope you post more great posts because I really love this blog.
    Demi recently posted..luchtreinigerMy Profile

  23. OMG! Thank you Kimberly for this post. Now my comment luv is in full effect!!

    Thank you I had to upgrade my version, then get the settings straight, and now I can see my last 10 posts!!! Woot woot…..

    Thank you so much Kimberly…………..
    Eldridge DuFauchard recently posted..I Love Inspiring You!My Profile

  24. Hi Kimberly,

    very intersting information.

    Will check whether my commentluv is set to those settings which you explained so well.

    Thank you for giving such in detail information on this subject.

  25. thankyou for clarifying things, i love the new syndication, your technical knowledge is very impressive!!

  26. As you can see, requiring registration for dofollow and 10 link options caused me a lot of annoyed visitors and gained me very little. The registrations are not marketing qualified optins and require incredible finesse to be able to do anything with.:)

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